Our Seniors

  • Elaine P
    Elaine P

    Elaine is an 88‐year‐old senior who lives in Southern California in a board‐and‐care home. She has family here on the Peninsula who would love to be closer in touch with her. Her caregiver in the home is willing to train her in using an iPad, but she is unable to afford one. An iPad Air would “open the world” to Elaine . . .


    Donated: 0% / $1,000

  • Bette G
    Bette G

    Bette is a 90‐year‐old senior who lives on her own in Foster City. She is extremely sharp, but is able to get out only rarely. Bette would love to get “connected” with her large family (most of whom are scattered). Having access to the internet via an iPad that also offers cellular connection would allow her to do this . . .


    Donated: 30.00% / $1,000

  • Arlene G
    Arlene G

    Arlene is a 99‐year‐old senior who lives in a nursing home in Burlingame. She is extremely sharp and engaging. Arlene loves to play games on her iPad, but she yearns for more “human contact”. She’d love a visit from someone who’d be willing to commit play UNO or Sorry with her once per month . . .


    Donated: 5.00% / $1,000