Gloria Guzman

Advisory Board Member

“Hello, my name is Gloria and I’m a person who has enjoyed serving others as needed via their financial needs. My experience is 30 years in the Credit Union world. Since then I’ve changed my focus, however, continue to serve and share a better way of life. I’m am also on the Board for the San Mateo Rotary Club of San Mateo Sunrise. My goal is to help people of all ages and families get on vacation sooner to build memories of a lifetime (not put it on the back burner, life is too short)! I’m a wife of 36 years, mother of 3, and grandmother of two adorable boys, family is everything to me!

Fund A Need is such a great concept (there should be more of this)!! When I 1st learned about it a couple of years ago, I thought WOW, I’d like to help in any way. It was sad to hear that many elderly do not have family support (or any family) to be there for them. I do what I can and enjoy putting a smile on their face one at a time and even one day at a time! The elderly do not expect much and Sema has been an absolute blessing to so many!! Thank you Sema for all that you do for our elderly community!!”