Sema S. Tosun

President & Founder

“Fund A Need isn’t about a hand me down, we are about lifting hands up!”

Born and raised in Turkey, CEO & Founder, Sema Tosun moved to the states with her family at the age of 7. Currently the owner of Trapeze restaurant in Burlingame. Having a life long passion to give and help those less fortunate and in need, Sema decided to pursue a lifelong dream and open her own non-profit, establishing Fund A Need (FAN) on Feb of 2014.

Sema has continuously supported and volunteered in many Non-Profits in San Mateo County. Samaritan House, Police Athletics League, HIP Housing, CORA, Boys & Girls Club, CASA & Second Harvest Food Bank. Through the county, Sema has been widely respected and honored for her continued support and volunteering efforts to the local Non-Profits.

Through Fund A Need Sema’s dream is to help seniors and bring awareness to their needs and bring happiness to the last few years of their lives. Sema launched the FAN Network in 2016 where the act of giving is one-on-one, up close and personal. The unique idea to incorporate technology with the experience of making giving personal again. Fund A Need’s mission is to create special memorable unique experiences for its seniors. Through Fund A Need Sema hopes to encourage others to give back to their communities and hopefully set a positive example to others to give back and help out as well. Sema believes in the domino effect of developing contagious goodness, by example we can spread the act of kindness through 1 volunteer at a time helping 1 senior at a time. 

Sema Tosun currently resides in Redwood Shores with her husband Steve.