Susan Orloff

Advisory Board Member

Before retiring in 2012, Susan enjoyed a rewarding career as an Executive Administrator for the trade association branch of the State Bar of California. During her tenure there she supervised educational and publication efforts supporting attorneys statewide, and administered their legislative advocacy programs.

From 1996 through retirement, she worked with the state’s top lawyers, judges and legislators to implement the Educating Seniors initiative.


Educating Seniors was the first statewide consumer protection program that specifically targeted elder financial abuse. Susan personally developed the program’s portfolio of informational videos and brochures, and hosted over 700 individual presentations at senior facilities around the state.

In retirement, Susan’s mother (who recently celebrated her 100th birthday) has been her inspiration. Her mother’s journey has given Susan special insights into the unique needs of aging seniors in our society – needs that are often overlooked or misunderstood. For this reason, Susan is very excited about the tremendous potential represented by “Fund-A-Need” and has found her volunteer work for FAN to be rewarding.

She is particularly supportive of the latest FAN initiative which connects benefactors with needy seniors directly, since she believes that this will raise awareness of senior needs in the most personal way possible – through direct, hands-on involvement in real seniors’ lives.

Susan is also a former teacher, and looks forward to resurrecting her skills soon to provide instruction to seniors on the use of tech devices which they’ve obtained through FAN – devices that will greatly enhance their lives by providing them with unlimited access to the outside world.